Tunche's hand-drawn animated art was one of the highlights of the Indie World Showcase, drawing inspiration from Latin-American mythology in its Amazonian setting. Peruvian developers LEAP have been hard at work on this beat-em-up roguelike for a while now, with fantastically-detailed developer blogs that provide a fair bit of insight into the game (which we highly recommend you check out if you're already interested).

It's always thrilling to see an under-represented culture on such a huge platform, and Tunche doesn't look like it's going to disappoint - it even features the mythical Amazonian pink dolphin as an enemy (a myth that's a little bit too rude for us to go into detail about here).

Kinda Funny recently played a short demo of the game, where they showed off the skill tree, the combat, and some of the short comics that explore the story. Check it out below if you want to see a little more than what the trailer has to offer.

Tunche is releasing on the Switch on March 23rd 2021, and will feature couch co-op so you don't have to go into battle alone. Also, Hat Kid from A Hat In Time is going to be in the game. Justice for Hat Kid.