Update: As shown in this tweet from Shinesparkers, the very same image has been used in the past to show off different games theoretically being played on a Switch, all shared by the same manufacturer behind the Metroid skin. This essentially proves that the image is photoshopped, rather than a photograph of any game running on the console.

Rather than a leak, then, this suggests that the whole situation is something of an oversight from Nintendo, which didn't think to remove this third-party mock-up before hosting the images on its site.

Original Article: Nintendo's official website may have accidentally leaked an upcoming Metroid title for the Nintendo Switch.

As spotted by YouTube user PapaGenos, an image displaying what appears to be a Metroid game being played on a Switch console has been uploaded to Nintendo's site. It can be found on a product listing page for the 'Super Metroid Skin & Screen Protector Set'.

The image appears to show Metroid: Samus Returns, a reimagining of Metroid II: Return Of Samus which launched on 3DS back in 2017. The scene on display (Samus Returns' opening cutscene) appears to have been recreated to fit on the Switch's larger, differently-proportioned screen, although it has been pointed out that this particular scene has been released in high resolution like this before.

Metroid on Switch

Earlier this year, Nintendo accidentally leaked Kirby Fighters 2 on its website ahead of any official announcement. While you wouldn't usually expect Nintendo to leak its own games, perhaps this is yet another oversight?

Of course, it's worth noting that the image could well be an edit created purely to sell this screen protector product, and until Nintendo officially confirms the existence of any other Metroid games on Switch, we should all keep any hopes we might have in check. Still, it's weird that the product's manufacturer would choose to use a screen from a 3DS game, right?

At least we have Metroid Prime 4 on the way. At some point...

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