Hero Concept has announced Mayhem Brawler for Nintendo Switch, an 'urban fantasy-themed' beat 'em up that's hoping to play on your '90s arcade nostalgia.

The title boasts comic book-style art and a punchy rock soundtrack, accompanying your gameplay whether you're taking on the fight alone or with friends in co-op. The choices you make in-game have an impact on its story, with three different endings available in total.

Here's a quick tease of that story, as well as a handy feature list:

While answering a routine call on a patrol, Dolphin, Star, and Trouble -the most popular officers of the super-powered law enforcement agency, Stronghold- find themselves in a sequence of events that will alter the fate of the entire city.

A fresh take on classic 90s-style beat 'em ups
Offline co-op mode that supports up to 3 players
Ability to alter the game flow with player-led decisions
3 unique endings based on player’s choices
Unique combat mechanics
3 playable characters against 30 mobs including 12 unique bosses
Hand-drawn comic book inspired art, frame-by-frame animated characters and a rocking soundtrack
Your admission ticket to the limitless universe of Mayhem

The game will launch on Switch next year, although no specific date has been announced just yet. Here's hoping we don't have to wait too long before we can check it out.

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