Updated: The Switch version of Crysis Remastered has received yet another update. This one bumps it up to version 1.5.0.

The focus this time around is on improved game performance, and alongside this we've got a lot of bug fixes. One was even causing the frame rate to drop in the last fight on Exodus.

You can see the full patch notes below:

Crysis Remastered Patch 1.5.0 - Nintendo Switch

General Updates

-Improved game performance in some areas.

Bug Fixes

-Fixed an issue where some story scripts would break after restarting the game -from a checkpoint.
-Fixed a bug where the Gyroscope sensitivity was not scaled down properly when using ADS.
-Fixed an issue where the VTOL no longer arrived after restarting from a checkpoint during the last objective. (Exodus - Sphere)
-Fixed a bug causing issues with the shadows of the lantern at the end of Rescue.
-Fixed a bug where picking up a soldier turned him blue for a couple of seconds.
-Fixed a bug where a building was completely missing. (Onslaught - Tank)
-Fixed an issue that caused building textures to not load in.
-Fixed a bug that caused FPS drops during the last fight on Exodus - Sphere.
-Fixed shader issues that could occur when grabbing items or objects.

Have you downloaded this latest update yet? Noticed anything else? Leave a comment below. And if you haven't tried out this game yet, why not check out our review (above) - we think it's one of the best shooters available on the Switch.

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