If you're a fan of funky fresh beats, you can't go past the famous video game composer Hideki Naganuma. He's best known for his music in the Jet Set Radio series back when he worked at Sega.

For many years now, his fanbase has been begging Nintendo to allow him to compose some music for the squid shooter series Splatoon. There have even been petitions stating how this "would make many people happy".

So, why hasn't it happened and will it ever happen? Probably not, based on a recent tweet sent out by Naganuma last month.

After departing from Sega, he apparently "tried to be an employee of Nintendo twice", but was rejected on the grounds that there was no position available for him to display his ability to the full.

"To tell the truth, I tried to be an employee of Nintendo twice in the past, after I left Sega. But I didn't pass. They said that there's no position that I can display my ability to the full. That’s the reason why Splatoon didn't need my music."

It seems his beats are too fresh - even for Splatoon. Naganuma has at least been credited in Sakurai's Smash Bros. series.

Fortunately, he's also gone on to compose plenty of other music for titles like Lethal League Blaze and is also hard at work on the follow-up tracks that will feature in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - a game that seemingly draws inspiration from Jet Set Radio.

Would you have liked Hideki Naganuma's music in a game like Splatoon? Share your thoughts down below.

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