Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory

Since the beginning of time, players have been entering words into video games that they probably shouldn't be. Sometimes these words are funny and on other occasions, they can be rude, or even highly offensive and are used with the intention to hurt or perhaps harm others.

With this in mind, Square Enix's upcoming release Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory supposedly contains a list of banned words. It's unclear what part of the game this applies to, but we do know this information has been pulled from the recently released demo version. While we won't be sharing the list here, the dataminer who uncovered this information (known as orcastraw over on Twitter) has provided some details:

"How do you get banned from Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memories? Simple, by using one of the words in the banned word list!!! Maybe it'll have a chat feature, who knows. Many lewd phrases and drug names are banned, as well as the word honkers."

Yep, apparently, the word "honkers" might get you banned in this rhythm-action game. Or, perhaps these words are already blocked. You can view the full list over on the dataminer's Twitter page - but keep in mind, a lot of the terms are offensive.

As surprising as this might be for a rhythm game, this isn't necessarily anything new - video game developers have been banning certain words for a long time now. Just last month, for example, Nintendo's firmware update for the Switch banned the nicknames "coronavirus" and "covid", along with a bunch of other words.

Will you be checking out Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory when it arrives on Switch next month? Tell us below.