Optillusion has announced it will launch its vignette puzzle adventure title Moncage on Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile next year, with the assistance of publisher XD Network.

To celebrate, it's released a brand new trailer - showcasing the unique gameplay that combines optical illusions and vignette puzzles. There are 60 puzzles and 50 worlds to explore, and there's even a story to go with it.

"players will need to find new perspectives, leverage the illusions and discover the hidden links across each face to unravel its meaning"

Moncage previously won an award from the Intel University Showcase for "Best Gameplay" and received an official selection for the PAX Indie Mega Booth Showcase. Here are some key features:

Blend cube faces to produce unique effects: "Moncage" presents multidimensional world, with lighthouses, factories, and harbors all contained in the cube. Different spaces have different effects, all combining to form a tactile, therapeutic experience.

Across dimensions: Rotate the cube to see different perspectives and leverage illusions to discover hidden links. Piece the puzzles together and experience miraculous visual effects.

Revealing the truth: Space and spaces are closely linked, and the fragmented narrative method makes the hidden details more intriguing. Players can discover the truth hidden deep within the story.

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