GungHo Online Entertainment has released another Dev Diary video for Ninjala, sharing the first details of the game's upcoming third season.

Season 3 arrives on 28th October, running right through until 7th January. It'll add new weapons, a new stage, and plenty more besides, all of which is detailed below.

  • The Croissant Arena is a French-inspired stage that features the new Drone Monitor, which allows players to locate where Drones will spawn.
  • Two new Hammer weapons will be introduced alongside a new Gum Ninjitsu, Special and Gum Shoot.
  • The Baiting Shark Ninjutsu is a trap where players place an unassuming scroll on the ground and, when another player comes near, a shark will jump out and attack them.
  • The Full-Throttle Field Special allows players to deploy a health regenerating barrier to help protect and heal a wounded Ninja.
  • The Gum Laser Gum Shoot fires a laser in a straight line and will burn anything between you and the end of the beam.
  • Story Mode Chapter 2 will follow Berecca and her quest to uncover the truth behind her father’s death. Players who complete the latest story mode chapter will earn special items for their Avatar, and additional items can be unlocked by players who achieve a Gold Rank on each section of the story.
  • The Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Ninja Re Bang Bang Steve Aoki Remix collab will run from October 28 until November 25, and players will be able to purchase the BGM remix to play during battle, Kyary’s ninja outfit from her original music video, and a themed dance emote from the Specialty Shop.
  • Cartoon Anime episode 4 will feature Kappei and introduce the mascot character Gumchi to the world of Ninjala.
  • Spectator Mode will allow players to watch matches in Battle Royale and Team Battle modes from an overhead camera or switch between different player POVs.

The team also promises new quality of life updates that will be added to the game soon, as well as improvements to the matchmaking system which will aim to be "much more balanced when assigning opponents as well as speeding it up to let players jump into the action even quicker."

Finally, another collab – similar to the super-expensive Sonic the Hedgehog one – has been teased for the new season. More details are expected on that in the near future.

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