Pokemon Bus
Regrettably, this incredible Pokémon bus didn't stop by Nintendo Life HQ on its travels...

Update: Episode 2 is now live and we've added it below; Sam and Mark take their first steps into the Wild Area, guided by Clare Siobhán.

Original Article: Pokémon Sword and Shield's Galar region is full of exciting towns, cities, and routes to explore, and as you may know, the entire region was inspired by the cold and drizzly but sometimes beautiful UK.

To show off some of the real-life locations that inspired Sword and Shield's world, The Pokémon Company has kicked off a new video series hosted by UK TV presenters, Sam and Mark – anyone remember watching TMi back in the day?

In each video, Pokémon novices Sam and Mark will join a variety of famous faces who really know their stuff, with the first video starring YouTuber, DanTDM. The veteran Pokémon players will show off the locations that inspired the games, and also teach Sam and Mark about the new titles and the trading cards they've spawned.


There's also a free downloadable travel guide should you want to have something to keep. It's a very pretty little thing indeed, so you may well want to print it out and have a flick through.

New episodes will be released on The Official Pokémon YouTube channel each week.