Joycon Multi Falling Cropped
Image: Nintendo Life

A UK gamer who experienced 'Joy-Con drift' issues after purchasing a Nintendo Switch claims to have taken the company to court – and won.

As you may know, the term 'Joy-Con drift' refers to an issue where your Joy-Con will register movement even when you aren't applying any pressure to the control stick. The problem has brought about a number of lawsuits, and has even forced Nintendo's president to issue an apology.

Their story has found its way to the top of the Nintendo Switch subreddit, quickly gathering interest among other Switch owners and being reported on by news outlets as a result. The gamer in question, going by the name Crownshots, says that they requested a partial refund after two failed Joy-Con repairs, as is a consumer right in the EU.

Reportedly, a Nintendo representative said that this wouldn't be possible, and after further discussion claimed that Nintendo didn't have a legal department to deal with the issue. After several months of back and forth, during which time Crownshots aimed to learn about Nintendo's official complaints process, they felt that they had no choice but to open a case with small claims court.

Eventually, 16 long months after originally purchasing the console, Crownshots won and received payment from Nintendo. You can read the full story below.

If you're struggling with Joy-Con drift in one of your controllers, there are ways to fix the issue yourself at home if you have the time, effort and resources required. Alternatively, you can contact Nintendo Support here: UK / US.

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