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Super Rare Games, one of several companies fighting to keep the world of physical games alive and well, is kicking off a bumper week of deals, competitions, and reveals.

Perhaps the most exciting news for physical collectors is confirmation that the publisher's next physical Switch game will be revealed tomorrow, Wednesday 9th September. It sounds like it'll be a crowd-pleaser, too; the press release says, "if our Twitter mentions are anything to go by, it's one you've been waiting for".

On top of this, Super Rare Games promises "deals, competitions, teases, and some other small surprises" throughout the week, and it'll also be sharing its plans for the rest of 2020–including info on how many more games will be released and the Collector's Editions you can expect to look out for. Make sure to keep an eye on its social media channels.

So, those deals we mentioned? Get a load of this:

FREE SHIPPING on any order that includes The Gardens Between: Collector's Edition or Smoke & Sacrifice! (Excludes orders that contain Dandara)

Two Tribes Collection has been added back to the store! Only 23 copies have been put on sale from units previously held for customer service

50% off all t-shirts - only 100 of each design printed. Once they're gone, they're gone

25% off trading card binders - protect, organise, and display your Super Rare card collection

Taking advantage of that shipping discount? Chroma Squad, Old School Musical, SteamWorld Heist, and Little Inferno have limited stock remaining

All of these offers are set to end on 13th September, or when stock runs out, of course. You can buy all of these games and browse the Super Rare store right here.

Super Rare Games

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