Just in case the eShop's most beloved feathery goose had slipped your mind over the past few weeks, here's your reminder that Untitled Goose Game is being treated to some double-honk multiplayer goodness today.

Available for free, this new content lets you and a friend terrorise the poor inhabitants of Goose Game's village as a team. You'll be able to play through the entire game with a friend in local multiplayer, which sounds like the perfect excuse to pick it back up for a second run, or perhaps try it out for the first time if you missed it last year.

Helpfully, the press release explains, "One of you plays as one goose, the other one plays as the other goose." Excellent.

Recently, developer House House dropped an absolute bombshell by revealing that 'the other goose' has a different honk to OG Goose. It also has a slightly different beak, if you hadn't already noticed, so you shouldn't get the two mixed up.

Will you be checking out Untitled Goose Game's new multiplayer content today? Honk twice in the comments below.