Update: Bitmap Books has confirmed that pre-orders will go live on the 28th September at 17:00 BST.

Original Story [Wed 15th Jul, 2020 15:30 BST]: If you've been keeping up with our Box Art Brawl series, where we pit various game covers from different regions against each other to see which is the prettiest, you'll likely know that we love ourselves a glorious game cover or two.

Celebrating the very best of box arts available on Nintendo's own Game Boy system is Game Boy: The Box Art Collection, a new and upcoming read from the dedicated team at Bitmap Books. A follow-up to the beautiful Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection, this new tome has been written by none other than our very own Damien McFerran and has superb artwork from the legendary ex-Rare concept artist Wil Overton. Oh, and Nintendo Life contributor and retro expert Gonçalo Lopes supplied the screenshots.

Take a look at this stunning front cover.

Game Boy: The Box Art Collection
Image: Wil Overton, Bitmap Books

It's planned to launch this November and pulls together a varied selection of titles which span both western and eastern tastes. It's been in the works for the last 12 months, and more details - as well as pre-order options - are set to appear in September. We'll make sure to keep you updated.

Do you have any particular favourite Game Boy box arts? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to browse our guide to The Best Video Game Books if you're looking for something new to put on your shelf.