Nintendo Switch
Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo's a friendly company, and that extends to offering pieces of advice from time to time via its social media accounts.

Take, for example, the latest slice of wisdom from Nintendo's official Japanese Twitter account; it warns that the Switch's internal battery "may become unchargeable if it has not been charged or used for too long," and that it is recommended that you charge the system "once every six months."

Now, given that we're all seasoned gamers here, we'd imagine that the average Nintendo Life reader charges their Switch twice a week if not more, but it's important to remember that more casual players may well leave their console unattended for months on end – especially if they picked one up purely to keep themselves busy during the current COVID-19 pandemic. There may also be families which own more than one console, and therefore there's the potential for one of those systems to lie dormant for a while.

Here's a fun game: how many times do you charge your Switch? Let us know by voting in the poll below.

How often do you charge your Switch?

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