Super Mario thinking

With all the Super Mario news that's dropped today, you probably haven't had time to visit the Switch eShop to investigate pre-orders or sales or those types of things - not in the last few hours, at least. Next time you do, though, you'll surely notice that a certain 35-year-old plumber has been busy redecorating the digital store.

As noted by Nintendo Wire on Twitter, the usual orange and white store menu has been switched up (pun very much intended) for a fetching red and white design with Mario game logos visible in the background of the red part. Here's an image (if you're happy with monumental gaming spoilers, that is):

Mario Switch eShop
Image: Nintendo Wire

Switching between the tabs, you'll also note a tiny 64-bit Mario running as each page loads. Cute, no?

Seeing it from afar, the eShop is looking rather festive right now - perhaps that's intended to indicate that it's Christmas come early for Super Mario fans. Just as well really - we've been waiting long enough for this announcement!

We're not sure how long Nintendo is going to keep the store looking like this, but we like it.