I can only see two
Image: Nintendo

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit might not necessarily be the future of the Mario Kart series, but it's shaping up to be a fun detour which mixes real-world RC cars with AR visuals displayed via your Switch's screen.

The game's trailer does an excellent job of communicating just how cool a concept this is, but there's one thing it doesn't make clear: Mario Kart Live will allow up to four players to race on the same track.

In the trailer, only two karts are shown in action – which is understandable as only Mario and Luigi variants will be available, at least initially. However, as you'll know if you read Gavin's excellent piece on the game's prospects, four players can get involved as long as they each have their own kart and Switch. That means getting four people together is going to be rather expensive, but if you have four friends who all own the game and the kart, it's less of an issue.

So why has Nintendo not shown this in its marketing for the game? Well, it could be that it wants to avoid showing duplicate karts in action, which, if we're concerned about canon and all that, would be impossible. Perhaps the plan is to release other karts in the future which are driven by other characters?

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Did you know that Mario Kart Live supports up to four players?