It somehow feels like forever ago since we first got our hands on the Isle of Armor DLC in Pokémon Sword and Shield, but let's not forget that more action is headed our way this year.

A new trailer has been released for The Crown Tundra, the second slice of Sword and Shield DLC that's planned to launch in autumn 2020. Interestingly, this video comes from Nintendo's South Africa YouTube channel, and isn't yet featured on Nintendo's or Pokémon's main channels. Here's its description:

The wild adventure continues….
Lead an expedition in the snow-swept realm of the Crown Tundra and unravel the mystery of the Legendary Pokémon Calyrex who once ruled over it.
Coming soon.

It still doesn't provide us with a final release date, so we're stuck with the slightly vague "autumn" window for now. If you're wanting to learn more about The Crown Tundra, feel free to check out our full guide to all of Pokémon Sword and Shield's DLC.

We'd imagine that The Pokémon Company will hope to host some form of video presentation to reveal the DLC's release date and tell us a little more about what to expect. If and when such a thing is announced, we'll be sure to let you know right here on the site.

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