Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch hasn't been particularly easy to come by in recent months, with COVID-19 causing a number of supply and distribution issues all around the globe. Thankfully, Nintendo now reports that its console production is starting to get back on track.

The company has highlighted the problems it's faced thanks to the coronavirus in its three-months earnings report published earlier today. The report reads, "COVID-19 created some difficulties in procuring the parts required for manufacturing Nintendo Switch consoles, but the overall production situation has almost recovered."

We're starting to see Switch consoles slowly creep back into stores - just yesterday, Nintendo's official UK store opened up pre-orders for a new batch of machines set to ship later this month - so we should hopefully expect to see more units available going forward. Of course, this will all depend on how well - or not - the pandemic is handled globally in the coming months.

Despite the shortages, though, Switch sales continued to perform well over the last quarter, with Nintendo managing to shift 5.68 million hardware units between April and June 2020. Those sales have elevated the console's lifetime total to 61.44 million units sold.

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