Launching today on Nintendo Switch is Boomerang Fu, a new multiplayer party game from publisher Cranky Watermelon.

The Switch is becoming a truly wonderful place for local multiplayer delights, with plenty of titles fighting for your attention on the eShop. This latest release is a cute but fast-paced affair which has players slicing and dicing their opponents with boomerangs. Things start to get pretty chaotic as more players join in, especially when power-ups come into play.

Make sure to check out the gameplay footage in the trailer above, as well as this feature list:

Roast and toast your friends in lightning-fast rounds of cute physics combat for up to 6 players. Perfect for parties!

Discover a ridiculous range of power-ups like explosive boomerangs, disguises and telekinesis. Then stack your power-ups together to form outrageous combinations!

It only takes one stick and three buttons to pulverize your pals. Anyone can play immediately, but hardcore players will love mastering the advanced techniques of this lost martial art. Deflect attacks, recall dropped boomerangs, and curve your throws around corners to become a powerful boomerang assassin.

Journey to an edible world as you do battle in over 30 Kung Fu arenas, each filled with unique tools and traps. Jump over moving platforms and sneak through lush foliage. Trigger sliding walls to squish your foes. Dive between giant rolling pins and delight the Toaster King.

Join forces with your buds to take on the ingenious AI opponents. Or squabble over the precious Golden Boomerang in a frantic alternative game mode.

Play with only the power-ups you love. Turn off shields. Turn on friendly fire. You change the rules to suit your tastes!

As we mentioned above, Boomerang Fu is out today on Nintendo Switch. You'll find it waiting for you on the eShop for £13.99 / $14.99.

What do you think? Let us know if you'll be giving this a try by leaving a comment below.