Cuddly co-op RPG Cat Quest II has received a free update on Switch and other platforms, adding plenty of new content and some very welcome quality of life tweaks.

The update arrives as part of a celebration marking the original game's third anniversary on Steam, and just so happens to coincide with the news that the Cat Quest franchise has now sold a total of 1.3 million units across all platforms.

You can see the free new content on offer in the trailer above, but we have more info for you right here:

Mew Game Modes: No less than 8 meowdifiers are now available in the Mew Game mode, allowing you to challenge yourself with several more playthroughs!

Inventory: The inventory was fully reworked - at the request of the fans- and the sorting is vastly improved, including color-coding by rarity of the items.

Arcane Temples: The temples are now available across the land to make it easier to upgrade your spells!

Quality of Life: Many minor tweaks, as well as quests and dungeons displaying the level before you enter, and the Kingsmaker showing the direction of your travel.

Elemental Damage: Weapons that do elemental damage are now better displayed and the numbers now change color depending on the element!

Royal Arts: New ways to attack your foes are also being added - unique to each weapon equipped! Simply attack during a roll to purrform this new spinning slash!

Sprinting: You will now have the ability to sprint! Soon you will be able to pounce all over the world with speed and grace!

Defense: The defense stat has been improved, and is now displayed as a far in front of the health bar, and will take damage instead! It also recharges over time once you stop taking damage.

New Enemies: The oceans will now be teeming with new enemies for you to challenge yourself - and be a new source of gold or experience!

If you don't already own the game but are interested in learning more, make sure to give our full review a read. We thought it was already an enjoyable RPG before this update arrived:

Cat Quest II is a charming little action RPG. Its simple mechanics result in a game which is hugely enjoyable for literally anybody to pick up and play, all backed up by some fantastic design work and infectious humour which never fails to bring a smile to your face.