Publisher PQube has announced that its upcoming twin-stick arcade racer Inertial Drift will no longer be launching next month as planned.

The studio took to social media last night to inform fans that the game has been pushed back from a 7th August release to the 11th September.

We've been keeping our eye on this one for a while now, with its stylish art-style drawing us in with every drift and tyre screech. A physical edition is on the way, too.

Twin-stick drifting!
Twice the controls, twice the control! A completely new level of precision allows for drifts a hair's breadth away from the crash barrier, making every turn intense!

90s Retro-Future setting!
20 tracks, flooded by the lights of pink Japanese sunset and vibrant neon-cities, set the stage for thrilling chases!

Intense 1-on-1 racing!
Scaling the races down to duels adds excitement to every face-off. Put your name on the leaderboards by challenging players both online and offline or practice with ghosts and AI opponents!

16 different driving styles!
Every car in Inertial Drift is electric and has a unique driving style! Pick your favourite technique or master all of them to become the ultimate racer!

Inertial Drift

We're sure that month will fly by, so hopefully the delay won't feel too long. Thinking of picking this up when it launches? Let us know in the comments.

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