The huge success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has inspired a number of different companies to jump on the bandwagon in recent times - fashion brand Valentino shared some custom designs for fans, and KFC actually used it to give away free chicken - but now we have the most wholesome use for the game so far.

The Tokyo Fire Department has started to share tweets from the game in a bid to make followers take notice of safety tips. Its island name translates to ‘disaster prevention’, and the player character demonstrates ways of looking after yourself.

In the tweet below, the team offers advice for anyone heading outside in the summer heat, listing tips to prevent heatstroke. It advises that you should stay hydrated, wear a hat and use a fan or air-con when possible, and also warns that you should keep an eye on your children and avoid swimming after drinking alcohol to prevent water accidents. Charmingly, most of these things are visually demonstrated using in-game items.

Let's be honest here - we're all a little more likely to read through safety advice when Animal Crossing's involved, aren't we?

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