The Super Toy Cars series is back with the release of Super Toy Cars 2, zooming onto a Switch near you next week.

The game is a fast-paced arcade racer which has you controlling miniature cars around tracks made up of everyday objects. You'll be racing your toys cars in either single-player or with friends, speeding past opponents or smashing into them as you drive past sausages, scissors, and whatever else the developers have decided to throw at you.

If you're thinking it all looks a lot like Micro Machines, you'd be absolutely right. We likened the original Super Toy Cars to the miniature racing classic in our review a couple of years ago - here's hoping this new sequel can improve upon the first release:

"Super Toy Cars is a decent enough tabletop racer that will have fans of the classics like Micro Machines taking a quick nostalgic trip down memory lane, but it never manages to live up to the games from which it clearly takes its inspiration. You’ll get some fun out of throwing your car around the cute tracks, but the temperamental physics and inaccurate contact between your car and its surroundings has the potential to frustrate players before that happens."

The team says that they've "kept what worked from the original, fixed what didn't and added lots of new content," so hopefully this second attempt will be just what we were after. Here's a feature list for the new game:

- 20 different cars in 5 different vehicle classes
- 16 different tracks
- A 6-8 hour career mode where you unlock a lot of new liveries for your cars
-Up to 2 players local multiplayer
- High quality soundtrack featuring a diverse selection of indie bands and DJs

It launches on Switch on 12th June and will receive a 20% discount (taking it to $11.99) during its pre-purchase period and for a limited time after launch.

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