U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have reportedly caught a consignment of counterfeit Pokémon goods that were on their way to Skyder County, Pennsylvania. Officers in Harrisburg seized 15 boxes-worth of figurines arriving from Hong Kong and marked "plastic furnishing articles" according to a report on the CBP website.

The report cites that these Pokémon had a potential worth of "nearly $604,000" had they been the real deal. Evidently, the fake figurines were seized for violating US intellectual property rights. As you can see from the images provided by the CBP itself, you don't have to be a Pokémon expert to spot that these might not be genuine Pocket Monsters. Arbok and Wailmer in particular are looking a little worse for wear in the image below. Maybe they're Dittos having an off day?

We're sure The Pokémon Company will be pleased to see CBP doing their best to catch 'em all. However, if we know anything about Pokémon, it's that there are always more on the way. We're sure CBP will have its hands full tracking down the entire national Pokédex for the foreseeable future.

$7 for a dodgy Delibird or a fake Fennekin? We're not sure we'd have paid that much, but over 86,000 figures must have been worth a tidy sum.

[source cbp.gov, via gonintendo.com]