Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a wonderful game that we couldn't recommend highly enough, but there are a handful of things that could make the experience just a touch more streamlined.

We're talking, of course, about the little things that slowly but surely start to irritate as you approach your 50th or 100th hour of gameplay. The fact that you can't access your storage when crafting, or that you can't craft multiple copies of an item in one go, and all manner of similar little things that feel a little more drawn out than they perhaps need to be.

The video above, shared to YouTube by Nick Ha, presents a list of welcome features that would improve gameplay dramatically for anyone who wants things to speed up a little. It's presented in the style of an Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct and the entire formula - including the animation, script, and narration throughout - is absolutely spot on. Apart from the odd joke here and there, it looks and sounds exactly like the real deal.

We've shared it because it'll no doubt give New Horizons players a good chuckle, but the ideas presented within are importantly sound. In fact, many of them have been brought up before by you lovely lot in a poll of ours.

Would you like Nintendo to reveal these updates in a future Direct? Or do you prefer the way things are now, with everything running at a charmingly slow pace - even if it can grate after a while? Let us know with a comment.

Thanks to Kalmaro for the tip!