Panzer Dragoon

Update (Wed 13th May, 2020 17:15 BST): The time has come! Panzer Dragoon: Remake's giant version 1.3 update is now live. If you have a copy of the game on your Switch, make sure to connect to the internet and update your game.

Original Article (Fri 24th Apr, 2020 04:15 BST): Forever Entertainment's Panzer Dragoon: Remake made a surprise landing on the Switch last month, immediately after the Nintendo Direct Mini presentation. While it wasn't released in the best state, it's still been an enjoyable flight and has since received a patch adding in Saori Kobayashi's remixed soundtrack.

If you weren't so impressed with the final product on release, the good news is a sizable update is on the way. In a recent interview with Panzer Dragoon World, co-producer of the remake, Benjamin Anseaume, outlined what to expect from patch 1.3.

It promises to include an option to enable 60 frames per second, adds in HD Rumble, Gyro controls, and much more. Nintendo's currently validating it, but there's no word on when exactly it will be rolled out. Here are the full details of this next update, courtesy of Nintendo Everything:

– HD Rumble
– 60FPS is added
– Input lag reduced/rotation improved
– Gyro controls
– Sound effects are reworked
– Several face button to fire/lock
– Auto lock system as an option
– Episode 0 added
– New game mode (performance?)
– New gameplay options
– New cheat codes
– Options accessible from pause menu
– Dragon animation reworked
– Game language based on console language at first launch
– Secret menu called Pandora Box in Remake now accessible once the game is beaten regardless of difficulty

In our review, we gave the remake six out of ten stars and said it was a "decent take" on an all-time classic, that goes some way to modernising it, but didn't quite nail the landing. Hopefully, this update can improve the state of the game.

Have you tried out the Panzer Dragoon: Remake yet? Is this the patch you've been waiting for? Leave a comment down below.