The Nintendo Switch already has loads of amazing Metroidvania games, but we could always use one more, couldn't we? It's been revealed today that MindSeize will be headed to the Switch later this year.

Developed by self-declared hermit crabs of Kamina Dimension, MindSeize is an atmospheric new Action-Adventure with a Sci-Fi space-travel setting, drawing strong inspiration from titles like Metroid Fusion and Mega Man X.

Here is some more info about the game from the devs:

Key Features:

- Classic 2D-action with a modern twist - Smooth and fast-paced action with beautiful hand-drawn 16-bit pixel graphics, mixed with atmospheric music and hard hitting sound effects.
- Explore mysterious planets - Travel to 4 different and unique planets, unravel their secrets and fight the dangers within. Remember to take a break on your ship once in a while, and interact with your crew.
- Upgrade your MAG - Buy and find different mods, weapons and abilities that bring versatility to your MAG's combat capability.
- Delve in to the world of MindSeize - Follow the story written by a professional script writer with comic book style cutscenes, read the log about planets and their fauna, experience the heart-rending twists.

Following a gruelling three-year development cycle, MindSeize is now out of early-access on Steam and Kamina Dimension will now be turning their attention to creating the ultimate Switch port, which is planned to be released on the eShop in September this year. A physical release for Nintendo Switch is also on the cards, which collectors will no doubt be delighted to hear.

Let us know what you think of the trailer above. Are you looking forward to adding MindSeize to your Metroidvania collection later this year?