Indivisible Switch

Update: Indivisible publisher 505 Games has explained that the surprise launch of the title on Switch was down to a mistake with the release tool system used to schedule games for publication on the eShop:

April 28th was the original launch date for Indivisible on Switch. The build had passed QA and submission checks and was approved for release by all parties. Everything was set to automatically go live on that date. The build released was the planned launch build of the game.

A decision was made to delay the launch to early May to allow for a Day 1 update. This update will add a framerate toggle option, 1080 docked support, Roti, performance updates and localization changes when it goes live in May.

Unfortunately, the new launch date did not get changed within the release tool. This resulted in the game going live yesterday to the surprise of everyone involved, including 505 Games.

Original Story [Tue 28th Apr, 2020 13:30 BST]: Remember Indivisible? Originally pitched as a potential Wii U release, this RPG adventure from the creators of Skullgirls raised over $2 million in its Indiegogo campaign back in 2015 and would eventually launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2019.

Switch owners have had to endure an even longer wait, but the good news is that, out of the blue, the game is now available on the Switch eShop.

The bad news? Mike Zaimont, one of the original developers, isn't too happy about the version that has arrived on the eShop, nor was he informed it would be launching this week.

Indivisible Switch
Indivisible Switch

Zaimont explains that the Switch port was not handled in-house, but he has nothing but praise for it in terms of performance, stating that:

The Switch version of Indivisible itself is great, the porting group did seriously excellent work! Runs at a stable framerate, even handheld.

His issue is that the port is based on the old build of the game which lacks co-op, NG+ or "anything else recent." We'll be reviewing Indivisible as it stands right now and will be asking when Nintendo players can expected the most recent build, but for the time being, keep in mind that this isn't the game that Lab Zero wants to offer Switch owners.

In their Indivisible PS4 review, our pals over at Push Square said:

Despite running into one too many difficulty spikes, Indivisible successfully blends the RPG and Metroidvania genres into one stunning experience. Its plot may be simple and some characters bothersome, but the 2D platforming that bridges the gap between those narrative beats is a dream. Indivisible is a little bit too forgettable in a couple of aspects, but it makes up for that when the tough gets going.