As we already know, Krome Studios would like to port Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 2 and 3 to the Nintendo Switch – provided the original sells enough, but what are the chances of a brand new entry in the Aussie-made 3D platformer series happening?

According to the creator Steve Stamatiadis, the studio is open to a fifth entry in the Ty series (following the fourth side-scroller entry, released exclusively on PC in 2015), but it would obviously require a much bigger team and budget:

Yes, of course we have, we’ve had several discussions. If we did a TY 5, we would do it as a 3D platformer. It’s also a resource issue. For that type of game, we’d need a much bigger team size, budget, everything is so much bigger. What we would want to achieve isn’t something that could be done on a shoestring budget. With today’s expectations of what the graphics and everything should look like now, it’s such a much bigger budget. The scale is pretty huge. Back in the day, the core TY1 team was around 20-25. We’re about 12 people now.

Earlier this month on Twitter, Krome said the existing games were "pretty much ready to port" – including Ty 4. Would you like to see a brand new entry in the Ty series? How about ports of 2,3 and 4? Leave a comment down below, and if you haven't already, check out our mini Switch eShop review of Ty The Tasmanian Tiger.