Indie studio Code Wakers and publisher Armor Games Studios have announced today that aerial combat shooter Jet Lancer will be coming to the Switch on May 12th.

Set in a world overcome by giant robots, Jet Lancer is a bullet hell blaster where players will dog fight with enemy pilots, take down massive robot bosses and pull off insane aerial stunts, all while tinkering with upgrades and thinking up killer tactics on-the-fly.

Adopting a 2D visual style complete with intermission scenes which call to mind the classic Advance Wars series, Jet Lancer is built around a single-player campaign which offers a selection of accessibility options – such as damage modifiers, anti-fatigue control toggles, and visual options such as screen shake and screen-flash reduction – as well as a New Game+ mode for those who feel they're ready to test their skills to the limit.

If all of that sounds pretty good to you, then take note: Jet Lancer launches on Nintendo Switch on May 12th, priced at $14.99 / £13.49 / €14.99. It's also coming to PC & Mac via Steam, GOG, Humble Store and