Update (Mon 2nd Mar, 2020 17:00 GMT): As a quick reminder, today is the last day of the mighty DOOM sale on Nintendo Switch. The new 2016 game is now back to full price, but the classics are still at their heavily reduced prices. Get 'em while they're hot!

Original Article (Tue 25th Feb, 2020 16:45 GMT): If you've been on the fence about grabbing any of the DOOM series games available on Nintendo Switch, now is absolutely the time to do so.

All games in the series currently available on the system have been heavily reduced for a limited time. We've got all the prices and details you need below:

Discount Price (UK) Price (US)
DOOM [update: deal now expired] 50% £24.99, was £49.99 $29.99, was $59.99
DOOM (1993) 69/70% £1.20, was £3.99 $1.49, was $4.99
DOOM II 69/70% £1.20, was £3.99 $1.49, was $4.99
DOOM 3 69/70% £2.40, was £7.99 $2.99, was $9.99

It would also seem that the upcoming release of DOOM 64 will only cost £3.99. These prices really are too good to miss.

The 2016 game is on sale until 1st March, while the older titles are on sale until 2nd March. Make sure to snap these up before then.

Thanks to step_over for the tip!