We've heard how Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a lot of different character customisation options and won't lock options behind gender, and now to follow on from this, it's been discovered you can run around in the game with a paper bag on your head.

This was originally highlighted by our friend Daan Koopman over on Twitter, who recently went hands-on with the upcoming release. As you can see above and below, it's a nice and affordable item, coming in at a grand total of 140 Bells.

Yep, if hats, masks or themed headgear doesn't particularly interest you, you can now downgrade to a good old paper bag. Perhaps you can scare villagers while wearing it or even gift it to them to hide their faces (if you don't like them). Time will tell.

Are you planning on dressing up your character in any particular way when the new entry in the Animal Crossing series arrives later this month on 20th March? Will you be wearing this not-so-stylish paper bag? Leave a comment below and be sure to check out our own hands-on impressions.

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