Switch already boasts a plethora of Prinnies in the three Disgaea games already on the system, but the Prinnies are irrepressible and NIS America has announced that it is bringing two spin-off platformers from the PSP to Switch this autumn in the form of Prinny 1•2: Exploded and Reloaded. Dood!

Combining both humorously named entries (Prinny 1: Can I Really Be The Hero? and Prinny 2: Dawn Of Operation Panties, Dood!), this new compilation will also include all the DLC in a double dood-filled Disgaea-y dish.

Where the mainline Disgaea games are hardcore SRPGs in a fun-loving, irreverent package, the Prinny games are platformers starring the series' eternally loveable battlefield fodder. For the uninformed, these endlessly enthusiastic penguin-like little guys provide much of the comic relief in an excellent strategy series which doesn't take itself too seriously in the first place. TLDR: Prinnies dive into battle with gusto and say "dood" an awful lot.

Both these Nippon Ichi games originated on Sony's PSP but after 10 years it's great to see them again on Switch. Here are a few key features as per the official press release:

- Two in One...and More! - Two action-packed chapters of Prinny’s rise to become a hero, plus an expansive post-game chapter featuring... Asagi!? ...Who was that again?
- The Netherworld, Only Better - All the dark comedy and explosive action you love from the Disgaea series, now with newly remastered graphics.
- Prinny Power - Jump, slash, explode, and Hip Pound your way through chaotic and vivid levels, and unleash powerful special moves to devastate your enemies!

Prinny 1•2: Exploded and Reloaded will be getting a deluxe physical release known as the 'Just Desserts Edition' featuring a variety of goodies, as you can see in this delicious pic:


Had you hoped to see the remaining Disgaeas on Switch first? Played the original Prinnies on PSP? Let us know your thoughts below... dood.