Original Color Magearna

The launch of Pokémon Home on Switch and mobile devices got off to a slightly rocky start, with a number of early players reporting issues surrounding 'Original Color' Magearna - a Pokémon that you can receive as a gift in-game.

There has been some confusion on the matter from the start, but users who successfully completed a Living Pokédex inside the app (having one of every single monster sitting in your boxes) should have qualified to receive the gift Pokémon. Many didn't, or received a 'glitched' version of the Pokémon instead, and earlier this month it was announced that the app would undergo maintenance to resolve issues.

The maintenance now appears to be complete, and Serebii reports that the conditions for earning the Mageana gift are now a little more gentle. Instead of requiring a full Living Pokédex, players can now earn Magearna by having a full National Pokédex registered within the app. This means you can trade Pokémon in and out of the app to register them, but don't need to have every single one accessible in living form.

Serebii also notes that the maintenance has "seemingly" fixed missing challenges already redeemed by the player.

[source serebii.net]