Launching later this week on Nintendo Switch is Duck Souls+, a new release from Brazilian developer Green Dinosaur Games. Is this the part where we're supposed to say that Duck Souls is the Dark Souls of ducks? Let's move on.

The game is described as a fast-paced action platformer which stars a little duck on a mission to find all the eggs to save his species. So not a Dark Souls clone, then. The world around you is full of nasty traps that'll ruin your plans, so running, jumping, and dashing through this treacherous environment might not be as easy as you first thought.

Here's a feature list:

- 20 different levels and 5 different biomes to explore!}
- Play 100 hand-crafted brutal levels filled with deadly traps
- Jump over spikes, climb walls, and avoid death
- Challenge your platforming skills with hardcore difficulty
- Survive over 20 different types of deadly traps
- Collect 20 different hats and customize your duck!

The game will launch on Switch this Friday, 27th March and will be priced at $4.99 / 4.99€.

Worth a go for a fiver? Or is it a bit too quackers for your tastes? Feel free to come up with some better jokes in the comments below.