Adventure game Adam’s Venture: Origins is making the leap to Nintendo Switch.

The game, which launched on PS4, Xbox One and Steam back in 2016, will be releasing on Nintendo's platform in both digital and physical form. It has players setting off on an adventure across the globe, solving intricate puzzles and discovering clues as part of a mysterious story.

We have an official description and feature list for you below:

About Adam’s Venture: Origins
Start your adventure in Adam’s Venture: Origins. Set in the roaring '20s, you play as explorer Adam Venture and go on a journey to unravel the secret of Eden. Together with your companion Evelyn, you explore ancient ruins and solve ingenious puzzles to find mysterious locales. As you travel to unique locations, you’re opposed by the evil Clairvaux company, who’s intentions for exploring artifacts could unleash chaos around the world.

 Delve into ancient ruins and recover mysterious artifacts
 Try to solve clever and creative puzzles on your journey
 Traverse long forgotten tombs and crumbling cities using the grappling hook
 Get involved in a rich storyline that weaves adventure with historical overtones

We don't have a specific release date for this one just yet, so make sure to stay tuned for more news if you're interested in picking this one up.

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