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Update: Just over a month ago we covered the major update coming to multiplayer shooter HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed (see the original story below). Well, that update is now live and includes the following highlights:

- Tutorial: (Sgt. Max Ammo talks you through everything you need to know)
- Stats Page: (Check your progression in the world of Hypercharge)
- Party Gamemodes: (Allow the use of a single JoyCon)
- Gyro Options: (More options to choose from)
- Vaulting: (More accuracy when jumping onto an edge)

For the full (and hefty) list of tweaks and changes check out the patch notes in the original story below.

Original Story (Mon 24th Feb, 2020): Last week saw the surprise launch of online FPS Warface on the Switch eShop, a game we found to be a competent shooter in our review, although with a few rough edges we'd like to see sanded off with patches. It was a similar story last month when Digital Cybercherries' HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed brought its brand of small soldier multiplayer shooting to Switch.

It seems the devs of the latter have had their nose to the grindstone since Hypercharge launched at the end of January. They have released a preview of the patch notes for the game's upcoming update and it's one substantial list that includes a tutorial, new characters, new gyro control options, new modes and a huge selection of tweaks, fixes and additions. Courtesy of DCC, we've got the full list of changes below. We'd give that scrolling finger a stretch if we were you...

Major Update Notes: (Preview)

Added new Offline Local PvP Party Modes: "Spinner Arena" and "Tank Battle". Some simple frag-match based gameplay to play with your friends. Supports Single-JoyCon play!

Added Tutorial - Let Sergeant Max Ammo guide new players through the basics of the game, while also providing a testing environment for weapons as well as being a place for new secrets!

Added New Characters - Two new character classes, with many new heads and skins for each of them!

Added new Gyro Options (Gyro Always Enabled, Gyro Lock Axis X/Y, Gyro Sensitivity Boost)

Added support for Guest Accounts - You no longer need a User account to play, Guests do not have the ability to save, so they will either be given a few random unlockables to start with or can copy the unlocks from the Primary Account.­­

Added Bobble Heads - Unlock new character heads by finding secret bobble heads to shoot around the levels. These are a real challenge!

Added it so Build Mode is now skipped by the majority of the players in the server. (2/3 or 3/4)

Added player Statistic tracking and tracking for overall game completion percentage.

Added Stats & Dioramas page - Check out the new Stats page that shows overall completion progress of the game, as well as hits, tips and descriptions of all the enemies and items in the game. Also displays more details progress on Collectibles, Kill Stats, Unlocks and more!

Added ability to filter matchmaking searches for Team Play Modes.

Added new unique Game Mode logos to help distinguish different modes (shown on Map Selection, Lobby, Scoreboard, Menu etc.)

Added new secrets to some levels with new character and weapon skins to find hidden!

Added 'how an unlock' text for unlock preview screens at the end of a round.

Added Stat Based unlocks - Such as "Kill T-Rex 10 Times to unlock this head"

Added some new Cheats (We'll release the Cheats on our Discord randomly as time goes on)

Added on-screen message for when players join and leave the server. A sound effect has also been added to help!

Added more controller button schemes to the change controls menu.

Added proper controller images for displaying the correct controller layout (Pro Controller or JoyCons)

Added Reset To Defaults button to the Options > Controls section of the Main Menu.

Added improved tips for finding out how to Unlock something. Tool tip system also displays information on almost all UI buttons in the game (Hold Right Trigger)

Added multiple random Poses for Characters when seen in the Lobby.

Added ability to change which thumbstick to use for the Voice Command menus

Added Generate Random character button to Customisation screen to randomise your unlocked Character pieces.

Added new "Pleb" enemy for training purposes. Also they are your friend. (Tutorial and Free-Roam)

Added Grenade Jumping to the Grenade Launcher.

Added new Character Heads to unlock.

Added new Help and Support page to the Main Menu

Added 3 new music tracks! (Tutorial, Spinner Arena and Tank Battle)

Added weapons you find to the Tutorial spawn box, for testing out weapons.

Added a huge secret onto the Tutorial level, plus some new collectibles to find!

Added multiple Stat screens for the Player for different levels of Completion Percentage.

Added maps getting added to map-list after completion when newly unlocked.

Added missing Name Sets to the unlock list. Now players will unlock more sets of names for various related goals.

Added Toggle Sprint and Toggle Aim control options.

Added Soldier melee attack for when the player is up close

Fixed Server List not being able to be scrolled down when there are too many servers

Fixed Character Customisation screen being a bit "low quality" when in Docked mode - Also fixed Unlock/Medal Award screens at the end to be higher quality.

Fixed Cargo Plane glitching out when being shot in networked servers.

Fixed strange float rounding issue that resulted in players being invincible but not able to fire.

Fixed some buildables being invisible for some players in network scenarios.

Fixed some Build Positions not showing up for some players, not allowing them to build.

Fixed Friends Only mode not working in certain regions, Friends Only is now the easier way to start a server with Friends.

Fixed not being able to start game due to a map not being selected - Map selection now opens automatically to input a level.

Fixed coins being stuck outside the invisible wall barrier as often

Fixed servers not updating player counts in realtime

Fixed issues with world rendering behind full-screen UI elements

Fixed players not being rewarded credits for killing some enemies in some instances

Fixed some arm physics glitches with Meanbots when they lost both arms.

Fixed server browser not showing GameMode or Map name sometimes

Fixed unreleased maps counting towards "complete all collectibles" awards

Fixed Nightmare Mode not unlocking for some users if they earned unlocks in a strange order

Fixed some maps having not the highest achieved medal for that difficulty being displayed in the UI. More map information is now shown in the State & Dioramas page.

Fixed missing map descriptions on a couple of levels.

Fixed coin sounds causing lag spikes

Fixed players leaving Build Mode when picking up a new weapon.

Fixed slider sound repeat clicking when not changing the value.

Fixed screen glitch when switching between Docked and Handheld in the menu sometimes

Fixed inconsistent UI scaling in Split-screen modes.

Fixed Character moving/turning while opening the Voice Command Menu

Fixed Invert Look option not matching on the Radial menus

Fixed AA turret aiming issues

Fixed rare loading screen lock-up scenario

Fixed missing Customisation button in lobby for split-screen players.

Fixed Collectibles not being give immediately on Free Roam.

Fixed "InvalidText" message when destroying a Buildable.

Fixed issues with Shockwave turret not doing enough direct hit damage

Fixed issues with Collectibles on networking clients.

Fixed battery throwing physics issues

Fixed missing Jetpack limit barriers in some maps.

Fixed being able to throw and then instantly catch your own battery.

Fixed battery throwing distance being incorrectly detected.

Fixed Max Players not working properly, and is now limited per game type (Co-op/Multiplayer)

Fixed being able to throw batteries through the world boundary.

Fixed "Press to Rotate" message on non-rotatable build areas.

Fixed "Show Controls" menu not displaying the correct controller scheme/layout.

Fixed blueprint-FX showing up during Customisation or Stats page

Fixed many reported areas of players being stuck in the environment.

Fixed being able to buy weapons that you're not aiming directly at.

Fixed Power Node and Jump Pad meshes

Fixed being able to escape out of a few maps

Fixed keys still being pressed or held down when toggling in-game menu.

Fixed some jump-pads not appearing in PvP versions of the map.

Fixed some issues of the menu losing focus

Fixed many mesh asset and texture settings being incorrect, resulting in less texture memory usage in some levels.

Improved Menu Usability - Okay we get it. You want to use the Left Thumbstick to adjust the menu items, NOT the Right? We concede... this has been added.

Improved Main Menu naming scheme - Renamed the Play menu to be easier to understand. Online has been renamed to Host Online, and a "Find Servers" button has been added for the Server Browser to make it easier to find.

Improved In game Menu usability by removing disabled buttons

Improved Vaulting mechanics - Complete overhaul of Vault input system to be much more reliable in many areas, but also much more user friendly.

Improved functionality of Map Selection - No more being able to swap between difficulties to cheat the system, also it’s a bit easier to understand what is selected when choosing maps.

Improved performance of NPC particles and projectiles.

Improved Lobby readability and backgrounds.

Improved textures and optimised many materials in the game to fix some stalls and hitches when loading.

Improved loading screen - Now has cool loading coin animation

Improved menu button colours/consistencies

Improved Nightmare mode button - Now explains how to unlock the difficulty.

Improved performance when in areas of the UI by lowering the screen

Improved buildable menu usability

Improved overall Gyro usability

Improved jet and tank missiles to have smoke and trails

Improved selection elements and overall thumbstick movement in the UI

Improved text readability in a few areas (unlock screen, scoreboard, arena modes)

Improved and optimised audio banks

Improved head socket locations for various character/head combos

Improved optimisations of dead enemy debris

Improved avatar colour ranges to support more yellows

Adjusted balance of some of the Turrets power usage (AA Turrets)

Adjusted balance of some enemy attacks against player-team entities (Core, Nodes etc)

Adjusted balance of some of THOSE weapons in PvP. You know the ones.

Adjusted time on screen of HUD messages.

Adjusted players response to explosions to now push the player (from tanks, grenades, rockets etc)

Adjusted spawn locations of some pickups in the world.

Adjusted amount of health that spawns in PvP modes.

Added "Protected" stats icon to Cores so you can tell if they ever got damaged.

Added "End Game" button to the menu, so the server host can restart the level faster than returning to lobby.

Fixed Airhockey Shuffle being blurry in Docked Mode.

Fixed Minigun Top and Minigun Buttom not giving the correct Minigun stats improvements.

Fixed "Waiting for Players" UI that sometimes showed when respawning.

Improved Battery Throwing detection into Power Nodes

Mmm... substantial. The update doesn't have a release date just yet as it's waiting on Nintendo's approval, although it's expected to be available by the end of February or early March.

It's certainly great to see the devs listening to player feedback and building further on what we found to be a very solid foundation. We enjoyed Hypercharge in our review last month, although we felt a couple of gameplay issues kept it from greatness. Hopefully this patch will address them and turn it into the top-tier co-op FPS title we're itching for on Switch.

We do hope that one of the incoming characters is called Major Update. We would make us grin. Have you been enjoying Hypercharged: Unboxed? Do you like the look of this incoming update? Let us know below.

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