Today's Nintendo Direct Mini has thrown up a few little surprise treats, not least more information on Square Enix's upcoming Bravely Default II, with a deeper look at the characters and gameplay in a four-minute segment from the broadcast.

You can check out the trailer above, but perhaps more importantly you can head to the eShop today and download a demo for the JRPG which is still set for release later this year. As detailed in the video, the makers will be asking for feedback from the demo via a survey which will be taken into account as they tweak the game before release.

The game - a sequel to the two 3DS games Bravely Default (subtitled Flying Fairy in Japan) and Bravely Second: End Layer - is looking very nice indeed, especially the environments. In the trailer we see the main characters run across meadows, down stone steps winding through a city, across a boardwalk by the water and through a snowstorm, and they all look gorgeous.

The character models look to echo the proportions from the 3DS games rather than overhaul the visual design for Switch, but with some depth of field effects and beautifully smooth animation, it's all looking very nice indeed. In a couple of places it brought to mind some of the visual loveliness of Octopath Traveler, a huge success for Square Enix that has sold over 2 million copies to date, and one that the company will no doubt be hoping to repeat with Bravely Default II.

Big fan of the series? Couldn't give a flying fairy about Bravely Default? Let us know if this piques your interest and if you'll be downloading the demo below.