Launching on Nintendo Switch this spring is Terror Squid, a score attack game with an intriguing, devilish twist.

Said to be one of those games which are easy to understand but tricky to master, Terror Squid is an arcade-style affair where every enemy projectile actually comes from you. You see, as you move around, you emit a barrage of inky bullets which circle around the planet; you'll need to weave through a bullet hell that you yourself have created.

The goal is to survive for as long as you possibly can, desperately trying to avoid being hit by the projectiles you just fired. If you survive long enough, you can release a blast of 'dark energy' which blows up any projectiles nearby. You can see this taking place in the gameplay trailer above.

Speaking of trailers, we also wanted to share this teaser trailer with you. It doesn't show off any gameplay whatsoever, but the dark side within us really enjoyed the effort put into it all the same. As a warning, it does get a little creepy in places.

Terror Squid creative director, Syver Lauritzsen, has shared the following in a press release:

"It’s such a simple premise, but we fine-tuned it to have plenty of tactical, score-chasing depth, and playthroughs are brief and tense enough to feel like an epic odyssey in the span of a minute. The true terror is how much time you’ll procrastinate on work playing the damn thing!"

We're liking the look of this one so far, so we'll make sure to keep an eye out for more news in the coming weeks. But what do you think? Tell us below.