Wales Interactive has published several interactive movie-games on Switch over the past few years including The Bunker and Late Shift, the latter being arguably the best example of the genre on the system. On 31st March The Complex joins its growing roster on Switch and it's looking to be another polished production.

From the looks of the trailer above, the days of shoddy interactive movie production values and dodgy acting are long gone. Set in London following a bio-weapon attack, you don the jumpsuit of Dr Amy Tenant as she finds herself locked in a laboratory and forced to decide who lives and dies in what promises to be a real nail-biter of a choose-your-own-adventure.

As you'd expect, you'll be called upon to make tough decisions which are mapped with scores for the relationships you forge along the way as well as your personality, with five traits being tracked (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism, according to the official blurb). The choices you make will lead to one of eight endings.

There's plenty of talent behind and in front of the camera, too, as detailed in this list of features from the PR blurb:

+ A completely live action, cinematic interactive sci-fi thriller, filmed in the UK.
+ Directed by Paul Raschid, and written by Lynn Renee Maxcy (The Handmaid's Tale - TV Series).
+ Multi-optional storytelling with 8 different outcomes.
+ Real-time Relationship Status Tracking that influences the story as you play.
+ Real-time Personality Trait Tracking that evolves based on your choices.
+ Starring Michelle Mylett (Letterkenny, Bad Blood), Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones, The Witch) and Al Weaver (Grantchester).
+ Guest acting performance by live streamer and presenter, Leah Viathan.
+ Unlockable features include Skip Scene, Personality Assessment and a Hidden Event.
+ Featuring a Pause Choices option for improved audience participation during live streams.

The acknowledgement and encouragement of live streaming is interesting for this type of game, and it'll be intriguing to see how this stacks up against Wales Interactive's other games on Switch. No word on price yet, but you'll be able to lock yourself up in the complex at the end of March.

Which of Switch's various FMV games have you enjoyed? Like the look of this one? Let us know below.