Exclusivity can make or break a video game console. In the case of the Switch, it's made a name for itself over the past few years thanks to a number of highly successful exclusives.

One title that wasn't as positively received, though, was Daemon X Machina. The game was published by Nintendo, developed by Marvelous Entertainment and produced by Kenichiro Tsukuda (the producer of the Armored Core series).

Now less than six months after its release, this game is no longer exclusive to Nintendo's hybrid device. According to a new listing over on Steam, the third-person mech shooter will arrive on the PC digital platform on 13th February and is being published by Xseed Games.

The PC release will include all existing content updates released on the Switch, minus some licensed add-on DLC, like the crossover content based on The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. This version is priced at US$59.99 and there's currently a 20% pre-purchase promotion, reducing the price down to $47.99.

Did you buy this game on Switch? How do you feel about it making the transition across to the PC? Tell us below.

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