We've previously seen Switch Joy-Con inspired by the design of the GameCube controller, but now one talented modder, who runs the YouTube Channel Shank Mods, has taken things to the next level by creating a fully-functioning set of GameCube Joy-Con, which you can learn all about in the video above.

While this should be the main focus here, we couldn't help but notice Mike Choi – the inventor of the Switch Flip Grip – had also been working on his own GameCube Switch controller mod for most of 2019. Unfortunately, it's still work-in-progress:

Mike went onto state how he was "crying inside" after he had found out someone else had beat him to the punch and questioned if it was even worth finishing his own project that was "just like" this one. Many followers of his have passed on messages of encouragement saying how it would be great to see him finish his own design.

As you can see in his above tweet, it's a pretty different build to the one in the video at the top of the page – with the Switch instead slotting into a shell (or "dock/controller" as Mike describes it) connecting both sides of a single GameCube controller.

What do you think about GameCube controllers being transformed into Joy-Con? Would you like to see Mike complete his design? Share your thoughts below.

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