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Sony's Remote Play feature is a cool idea which perhaps doesn't get enough attention – it allows you to stream gameplay from your PlayStation 4 to your PS Vita or smart device.

It would seem that the platform holder is keen to expand the remit of Remote Play in the future, as it has been quizzing PS4 owners about what they'd like to see in the future.

The survey – shared on Reddit – asks if PS4 owners would be interested in streaming gameplay to other devices, like the Nintendo Switch. It also makes reference to a DualShock controller which would include a screen for play 'on the go' like a traditional handheld console, and asks users if an offline version of Remote Play would be appealing – how this would work in reality remains to be seen, however.

With the next-gen console war looming on the horizon, Sony is clearly looking at ways to make its console more enticing to prospective consumers; it's worth noting that Microsoft's Project xCloud offers a very similar approach when it comes to streaming content to other devices, and there have been rumours in the past that the company is looking to extend support to Nintendo's machine.

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