Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

One of the best platformers released last year was Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. Although the game launched in a perfectly playable state, the developer Playtonic has since been working on a "little" patch for it that includes multiple bug fixes and general changes.

This update has already been released on Steam and according to Playtonic's Twitter account will be made available in the console versions of the game on the 30th January (the same day the demo arrives). Below are the full patch notes:

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If you’re insect inclined, feast your eyes on the wall of bug fixes below – don’t worry, no Beettalion were harmed in the process!


• Billboard tutorial signs added to Tutorial and Capital Causeway levels.


• Fixed V-sync issue which changed the behaviour of some physical objects.
• Removed jitter from some 2D objects in 2D levels
• Multiple localisation fixes
• SFX for Quack Bomb explosion & Gun Senior death explosion no longer disregards volume settings from the Pause Menu. BOOM.
• Fixed an issue causing some players to not get achievements when reaching the required criteria.
• Yooka-Laylee will no longer be offset when entering through a door If the player holds left/right on the control stick when loading in.
• Fixed an issue which prevented Steve Mayles from growing an additional 0.00001cm
• Fixed an issue which caused some TWIT coins to not show as collected when dying after passing a Checkmate.

Impossible Lair:
• Section 1 – A saw blade has been fixed after it was discovered a section of it wasn’t correctly cutting into Yooka’s flesh.
• Section 2 - Player will no longer be instantly killed at the top of the winding rope surrounded by propeller minions.
• Section 2 - It's no longer possible to lose two bees at one of the drop off points in the second 2D level.
• Section 3 - Player can no longer become stuck between two chainsaw objects below the first Gun Senior.
• Section 3 - Player can no longer force themselves between the chainsaw hazards at the start of the section and become stuck.
• Section 3 - Player can no longer get stuck by rolling after a buddy slam in a low section.
• Section 4 - It's no longer possible to take damage from Capital B’s hive mind after bouncing off of his head
• Game will no longer crash after completing the Impossible Lair multiple times in the same session

• Overworld - Late Mountains – No longer possible for the crate behind the cracked blocks to clip through the wall at the end of the wind volume and become inaccessible.
• Overworld – The movable crate next to a Paywall can no longer get stuck in the air after being pushed over the ledge
• Overworld - Player movement no longer broken when interacting with a circuit piece in the Pumping Plant room
• Overworld - Player movement can no longer be broken when interacting with the movable pipes within the desert.
• Overworld - Movable crate on the ledge to the right of Pumping Plant can no longer get stuck if you push it on top of the fan
• Overworld - It's no longer possible to go out of bounds (please send help Vendi is making me write patch notes) in the water area that's originally blocked by the fisherman Blamphibian
• Overworld - Player can no longer use the Bounce-Bloom within Rampo’s cave to get behind the exit trigger.

Buzzsaw Falls:
• Buzzsaw Falls state 2 - Checkmate 8 with the 'More Checkmates' Tonic will no longer spawn the player off the edge into a potential hazard if they die.
• Buzzsaw Falls state 2 - Checkmate 2 with the 'More Checkmates' Tonic is no longer using anti-gravity hacks to float above the ground
• Buzzsaw Falls state 2 - Players can no longer get stuck between the wall and crates at the end of state two if they don’t have Laylee.

Scareship Scroll:
• Scareship Scroll state 2 – Areas of cliff face no longer lack collision allowing the player to jump out of the world.
• Scareship Scroll state 2 - The lowering crate platform no longer has collision issues.
• Scareship Scroll state 2 - Yooka no longer instantly dies like a noob when he climbs to the top of the ropes near the end of the level.

Windmill Way:
• Windmill Way state 1 - Certain level object textures no longer appear black during normal gameplay.
• Windmill Way state 1 - TWIT Coin Banker Tonic now correctly applies to the second TWIT coin.

Boom Boom Blast:
• Boom Boom Blast state 2 - It's no longer possible to get stuck in a grapple cannon near the start of the level.
• Boom Boom Blast state 2 - Damage is no longer caused to (are you looking for other funny bits in the notes?) Yooka Laylee by a Meanyion when they are sat in one of the Boom-Bloom Blasts.
• Boom Boom Blast state 2 - Odd behaviour (like dabbing) can no longer be seen when the player in a moving Boom-Bloom reaches an obstacle.
• Boom Boom Blast state 2 - The end of some pipes no longer can be seen under the final Checkmate.

Pumping Plant:
• Pumping Plant state 2 - It's no longer possible to enter the swim state whilst on land in state two

Gasping Glade:
• Gasping Glade state 1 - It's no longer possible to get stuck between a wall and some crates.
• Gasping Glade state 2 - It's no longer possible to go outside of the intended play area during the second zipwire section.

Factory Fright:
• Factory Fright state 1 - Camera issue fixed.

Hazard Hangar:
• Hazard Hangar state 1 – Stacked blocks no longer damage the player.
• Hazard Hangar state 2 – Hyle off of DK Vine no longer falls through the floor when respawning at the third Checkmate.

Urban Uprise:
• Urban Uprise state 2 - Tonics – The spawn point for one of the additional Checkmates in state two is no longer outside of the intended play area

Playtonic also mentioned how it had added functionality for demo saves to carry across to the full game.

Have you tried out Yooka-Laylee's second game on the Switch yet? Will you be downloading the demo next week? Tell us down in the comments.

[source twitter.com, via steamcommunity.com]