Update: The full translation is now available in the Twitter thread below:

The next issue of Famitsu releases tonight, but we've already received a general summary of Masahiro Sakurai's latest column.

While the Smash Bros. director's writing often focuses on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, sometimes he likes to write about general musings or other video games entirely. This time, he decided to discuss his experience playing Hideo Kojima's most recent hit, Death Stranding.

We've gone ahead and translated the summary of Sakurai's thoughts on the latest game from the veteran Metal Gear maestro, but would like to note that these are not direct quotes from Sakurai himself, and may differ slightly in the full text.

Sakurai says Death Stranding is an incredible game – an unparalleled experience that is both unique and interesting. Absolutely phenomenal. While the missions might not be for everybody, this has already become one of his favourites! He found it hard to put the controller down.

He believes the production restrictions are well established, without overwhelming the play with unlimited possibilities. However, he is worried about the complexity of the UI, button display and character sizes. It was rewarding to enjoy benefits (such as the Chiral Network) only after overcoming obstacles.

Finally, Sakurai was reminded of Kojima's strengths through Death Stranding. He knows many other game developers are also impressed in other ways. This is a game that breaks barriers and reveals a world no one has ever seen.

While there are no plans to release Death Stranding on the Nintendo Switch, it's great to see Sakurai's thoughts on fellow game developers and their work. We personally love seeing the camaraderie Sakurai displays with his fellow games industry professionals.

Would you like to see Death Stranding hit the Nintendo Switch in the future? Let us know in the comments.