Now, we're not afraid to admit that we made the odd joke about playing Zelda on the toilet when the Switch's home and portable concept was first revealed, but this is really taking the...

A Taiwanese retailer has decided that the best way to flog Nintendo Switch systems is to chuck in a smart toilet seat - you know, for those lengthy play sessions. According to Chinese Nintendo, the bundles' names translate to "Sit well full-length" for the original Switch model, and "Loneliness Eliminator" for the Switch Lite. Truly inspiring.

We wouldn't blame you for thinking we've gone ahead with a super-early April Fools' joke, but we promise this is a real thing. You can see the Switch and Switch Lite bundles for yourself if you like - the website helpfully shows you that the two products are indeed two separate items that have been put together for this exciting bundle.

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At this point of most articles, we'd usually ask you whether or not the product in question suits your needs and if you're tempted to buy one. In this case, perhaps it's best if we leave that out? What a world we live in...