Just about any form of technology can be tracked nowadays if it's connected to the internet and the Switch is no exception. With this in mind, Nintendo's hybrid system recently provided the key break in a homicide case that had previously stumped investigators.

University of South Alabama professor Matthew Wiser was found shot and dead in his home last month. There were no suspects or arrests made at the time and his neighbour said he was a "nice person" who kept to himself.

It turns out it was an isolated incident, with police using the online activity of Wiser's stolen Switch to track down the burglars who entered his home. This followed with a bail hearing, where the defendant Tiquez Timmons admitted to investigators he drove the car and dropped off co-defendant Derric Scott at Wiser's home, further explaining how it was Scott who fired the gun.

According to FOX10 News, Scott and Timmons have both been charged with felony murder.

Mobile County Assistant District Attorney Keith Blackwood said the victim could have been "anyone" and said the bail should be set higher than the range recommended under local guidelines, suggesting $300,000.

In the end, it was set at $150,000 for both individuals as neither have an adult criminal history. If they can make the bond, they'll be required to wear electronic monitoring devices and can only leave the house for work, school or church.

The judge set both defendants arraignment for Wednesday.

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