Life Is Strange

Square Enix has released a lot of games on the Switch so far, but one title they haven't brought across just yet is the episodic graphic adventure series Life Is Strange by the French developer Dontnod Entertainment.

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Life is Strange 2 co-creative director Michael Koch and writer Jean-Luc Cano were asked if the future of the series and studio involved porting the games to the Nintendo Switch. According to Koch, it's something for Square Enix to decide:

We would love to, to be honest. And I think it's something that needs to be decided by Square Enix, but definitely, I love playing games on my Switch so I would love to see some Life is Strange on Switch for sure.

Cano added to this, saying how he would also "love" to see both games on the Switch:

I have the same answer, I love the Switch and I would love to see Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2 on this console.

Would you like to see this series make its way across to the Switch? Are you surprised it hasn't already been released on the system? Comment below.