Shovel Knight

As fun as it is to unlock new stages and characters in fighting games, sometimes you just want to be able to play as your favourite character right away. A feature to unlock everything is also helpful when it comes to the competitive fighting game scene – to ensure tournaments operate smoothly.

With this in mind, Yacht Club Games has now shared cheat codes, to unlock everything temporarily and permanently within Shovel Knight Showdown when it is released next month, on 10th December.

In a post on the official PlayStation blog, Yacht Club developer David D'Angelo provided a detailed explanation about the unlocks system and then went onto discuss how the temporary and permanent cheat codes worked:

This cheat will unlock all the characters, stages, palettes, and costumes temporarily. That means, the game will no longer save your progress from here on out, until you reset.

Shovel Knight Showdown Unlock

This will unlock all the characters, stages, palettes, and costumes permanently. That means, your save file will be permanently altered to have everything in the game unlocked. Done and done… but maybe less fun?

Shovel Knight Showdown Unlock

Will you be making use of these codes when Shovel Knight Showdown arrives next month? Comment below.