It has been revealed that Bandai Namco, the studio famous for series such as Tekken and Pac-Man, had a significant role in the development of Nintendo's recent mobile release, Mario Kart Tour.

Bandai Namco has revealed its involvement on its official website, noting that the studio implemented visual assets for "courses, characters, and machines", and that it produced "approximately half" of the bonus challenges. The work was completed alongside DeNA, the core developer of the title and regular partner of Nintendo on mobile projects.

Of course, Bandai Namco has been enjoying a string of collaborations with Nintendo as of late including Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, for which it produced "approximately half" of the visual assets for courses, characters and kart parts. You might also be aware that it was heavily involved with the development of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and also helped out with games like ARMS and Mario Sports Superstars.

It was also reported that Bandai was working on Metroid Prime 4 before it was essentially scrapped and restarted, with Retro Studios taking over development duty. While this particular game won't likely end up on the company's ever-growing list of Nintendo projects, it's certainly becoming a familiar name on some of its largest releases.

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